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Blue belt


  1. Front leg round kick, front punch, back punch, back leg round kick, turn side kick.
  2. Front punch, walk through back punch, jump snap kick, jump snap kick.
  3. Tornado kick, tornado kick, back punch.


Blue Belt form

Part 1

  • From ready position (12 o’clock), step back right foot high block, low block, back punch, front punch, left round kick.
  • Turn (6 o’clock) high block, low block, back punch, front punch, and right round kick (set foot down towards 3 o’clock).
  • Side block (9 o’clock) step forward right elbow, Back-fist bear claw.
  • Slide feet together and stack hands on left side (6 o’clock).
  • Left hinge block (3 o’clock), right leg ax kick (slap hand) back-fist bear claw, two hand lapel grab, low front-kick.
  • Turn (9 o’clock) X-block high, double arm twist, back leg kick, right elbow smash.

Part 2

(Remember the pattern 2,2,3,3,2,2,)


  • (6 o’clock) right grab/back-fist, step: left side right low blocks, step: right side left low blocks
  • spin (3 o’clock) right knife block, step: left knife block.
  • Step (6 o’clock) right spear hand, step: left spear hand, step: right spear hand.
  • Spin (9 o’clock) left chop, right chop, left chop, two tornado kicks, back punch, front punch. End.

One Steps

  1. X block arm twist, right kick
  2. Left hand push, elbow, knee, elbow
  3. Elbow break, palm heel, tornado kick
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