About Us

What Makes Sterling Karate Unique?

  • Christ Centered Teaching!

  • Grades K through Adult!

  • Families can take together!

  • Builds Confidence!

  • Family Community!

  • Build Strength and Character!

  • Learn Discipline and Control!

  • Achieve Belt Levels!

  • Focus and Memory Skills!


  • Providing Karate/Self-defense in schools for 30 years!

  • Convenient, online classes or at your School!

Peter Sterling has achieved a 3rd degree black belt and has taught Karate/self defense to thousands of students over the years. His students and families genuinely respect him for the knowledge he shares, the style in which he teaches, and the importance he places on Christ-centered teaching. Utilizing scripture, Peter supports the development of strength, character, and confidence in all Sterling Karate students! You’ll feel better knowing your child is learning Self–Defense, and your child will have fun doing it! Sterling Karate provides high quality Self-Defense and Karate (Tae Kwon Do) classes for children. The primary goal of Sterling Karate classes is that students master self-defense techniques while growing stronger physically, spiritually and having fun in the process. In the event that they need to defend themselves, Sterling Karate students know they have plenty of options and have confidence in their ability to take action. Sterling Karate typically teaches in familiar places where children and adults are already gathered. David Alvarado is a Black Belt in karate. His knowledge in martial arts and having taught students ranging  from elementary to adults, sharing his passion for fitness and self defense, is a perfect fit for teaching Sterling Karate students! He believes in training body, mind and spirit cooperatively. David is thrilled to be teaching Sterling karate under tutelage of his father in law Peter, and hopes to always set a positive example following Christ first!…”Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” Theresa Sterling Alvarado is a Black Belt in Karate. She earned her black belt at the young age of 11!  Her dedication to the commitment of this achievement is inspiring to the students. Theresa met her husband  David while studying at Gordon College in Massachusetts.  Her Christ centered life drives every step she takes…a wonderful role model for others.