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What Makes Sterling Karate Unique?

  • Christ Centered Teaching!
  • Grades K through Adult!
  • Families can take together!
  • Builds Confidence!
  • Family Community!
  • Build Strength and Character!
  • Learn Discipline and Control!
  • Achieve Belt Levels!
  • Focus and Memory Skills!
  • Providing Karate/Self-defense in schools for 30 years!
  • Convenient, online classes or at your School!

Meet Peter Sterling,

the owner and Head instructor of Sterling Karate! Peter is an accomplished martial artist with a 3rd degree Black Belt. He has shared his expertise in Karate and self-defense with thousands of students over the years. Peter is highly respected by his students and their families for his vast knowledge, engaging teaching style, and emphasis on Christ-centered teaching.

Peter believes in the power of scripture to shape the lives of his students. He uses biblical teachings to support the development of strength, character, and confidence in all Sterling Karate students. With Peter's guidance, students not only learn Karate techniques but also important values that will benefit them beyond the Karate class.

Join Sterling Karate and experience Peter's unique approach to martial arts, where you can grow in skills, character, and faith.

David Alvarado:

Holds a Black Belt in karate. His knowledge in martial arts and having taught students ranging¬† from elementary to adults, sharing his passion for fitness and self defense, is a perfect fit for teaching Sterling Karate students! He believes in training body, mind and spirit cooperatively. David is thrilled to be teaching Sterling karate under tutelage of his father in law Peter, and hopes to always set a positive example following Christ first!…”Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God”

Currently Registering Summer Classes at: Grace Church, Hand in Hand, Sacred Heart


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