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Purple Belt

Purple Belt practice guide


At this level we start to see a big difference between the serious and the non-serious
karate students. The amount of material is tremendous if the student is not practicing regularly. The Purple belt
form, which is in two parts has some new moves that can be challenging and the pattern can also be difficult.


To get a purple black stripe belt the student needs to demonstrate knowledge of the
combinations and part one of the form. To earn a Blue Belt the Student needs to learn the second part of the form
and three one steps plus show mastery of all techniques. There needs to be a very clear distinctions between a front
stance and a back stance. All kicks should be above waist high. Power, focus and speed should all be apparent.
Students demonstrate knowledge of all previous levels.


Must be very focused and serious. Crisp technique, every move must have a clear beginning
and end. One steps must look and be effective. This level is the first time stamina comes into play.


Practice 10-15 minutes at least 4 times a week. Do some aerobic exercise at least three
times a week.

Time until next belt

3-6 months to purple black stripe and the same for blue belt.


1. Front leg hook kick, skip round kick, back punch.
2. Back leg snap kick, round kick, back leg snap kick, round kick, back punch.
3. Back punch, spin hook kick.

Purple Form

Part 1 (to earn black stripe)

  • From ready position: Down block
  • Turn left (9 o’clock) reinforced high block (right on top). Pull in to your left side, kick right, punch left.
  • Look over right shoulder, step right (3 o’clock) reinforced high block (left on top), pull in to your right,
    kick left, punch right.
  • Circle leg grab right hand (6 o’clock), kick left, punch left.
  • Scoop (12 o’clock) right hand, kick right, punch left, step right spear hand.
  • Spin through 9 and 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock, knife block left hand.
  • Step with your right (4 o’clock) knife block right hand.
  • Step with your right (9 o’clock) knife block right hand.
  • Step with your left (8 o’clock) Knife block left hand.
  • End part 1

Part 2 (to get to blue belt}

  • Circle leg grab left hand (6 o’clock), kick right, punch right, Circle leg grab right hand, kick left, punch
    left, stack hands on your left side, lunge forward, reinforced side block right hand, eye strike right, punch
  • Turn to your left (12 o’clock) to Charyo position.
  • Turn (9 o’clock) low block left, high block left, punch right.
  • Turn (3 o’clock) low block right, high block right, punch left.

One Steps

  1. Right hand push, spin elbow.
  2. Left hand block, right chop, knee
  3. Right hand knife block, push up with two hands, right round kick
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