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Red belt

Red belt combinations

1. Front punch, walk through back punch, turn hook kick, back punch.
2. Turn side kick, round kick, turn side kick, round kick, back punch.
3. Jumping back leg round kick, turn hook kick, back punch, front punch, front round kick.

Red Belt form

Part 1


  • Start in Ready Position (12 o’clock): Left over head block/spear hand (9 o’clock) step right foot high block left hand right hand chop.
  • Step right (3 o’clock): right knife hand, step forward, eye strike left hand.
  • Right sidekick to (6 o’clock).
  • Left knife hand to (12 o’clock), skip up right jump sidekick, right knife hand.
  • Spin through 9 and 6 o’clock to 3 o’clock left low knife block, double throat strike, right knee smash.
  • Right spear hand (9 o’clock), back leg round kick, turn sidekick.
  • Right knife hand (3 o’clock)
  • Left leg round kick towards (12 o’clock)
  • Right high block, spear hand (6 o’clock).

Part 2

  • 360 jump turn landing in a right knife (6 o’clock), step left palm heel, step right spear hand.
  • Turn to (9 o’clock) left reinforced forearm block, step into a right reinforced side block, step into an x-stance right back fist.
  • Turning to your left (3 o’clock) right sidekick, left sidekick.
  • Turn to (9 o’clock), X block high, step forward double arm twist.
  • Look over right shoulder (3 o’clock) high block right, punch left.
  • Look over left shoulder (9 o’clock) high block left, punch right.



  1. Bear Hug
  2. Double wrist grab from behind
  3. Choke from behind


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