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White Belt

 White Belt practice guide

(This guide is to help the student practice what they’ve learned in class)


This level starts a structure that, holds true through Black Belt.
Each level will have three combinations that exercise both sides of the body equally. Each level will have at
least one form. A form is a series of moves that portray a Self-Defense scenario. At this level the form has 4
moves, the brown belt belt form has over 50. Each level will have at least one interactive Self-Defense
technique or One-step sparring technique. This level also emphasizes repetition as a way of developing good


The Student should be familiar with and able to perform any of the
moves at this. Must be able to do any combination in any order upon command. Must exhibit quick reaction to


Must be able to do the moves “without thinking.” in other words, the
goal is to know it so well you can react quickly.


Practicing 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a week is plenty for this level.
You may do a drill of having someone shouting out combinations, by number and out of order.  The goal is to
 a practice habit.

Time until Gold belt

Usually  takes1-3 months to get white, blue, yellow and red tape to
be allowed to test. Testing will take place in class unless there is an outside test scheduled in the near


  1. Front punch, back punch.
  2. Front punch, back punch, snap kick.
  3. Front punch, back punch, back leg snap kick, front leg snap kick.

Ground Form

  • (12:00) Step forward with your left foot, left knife Block.
  • Drop on to your right side into ground fighting position.
  • Left kick, roll across your back to your left side
  • Do a right kick and jump up into a right knife block.
  • End. Stay in position until told to return to ready position.

Self defense moves

Single arm/wrist grab release (1 hand grabbing 1 arm/wrist)

  1. Pull the direction attackers thumb is pointing
  2. Same as #1 except double your strength by grabbing your own hand and
  3. Spin your arm around keeping elbow locked
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